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What's Your Dosha? - Kapha Top

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Lissa's Dosha tee keeps you calm, rejuvenated and focused. Her tops are made of super soft material that gently drapes for an ultra-flattering fit. She designed them long so you can scrunch it up at the waist to wear with a skirt or pull it down to your hips and wear with leggings.


Feel the powers your Dosha top possesses. The subtle patch at the front hip has a tone-on-tone Dosha symbol and each shirt has an inspirational message to you printed inside on the back tag.


Each top is 25% Modal (Beechwood), 70% Cotton and 5% Spandex (for stretch). We're sure your Dosha tee will quickly become one of your absolute favorites!!



Tips to keep Kaphas in Balance:

Kaphas have a heightened sense of taste and smell. They love a wonderfully prepared meal. Kaphas often need stimulation, and motivation - spicy foods and plenty of exercise help to keep them in balance. Kaphas are very sensitive, they are nurturing, and appreciate love that they receive. The colors red and orange are ideal to keep Kaphas in balance because they are energizing and stimulating.

Kapha: I am loving, loyal, strong!