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What is happening in your life…  Feeling out of balance?  Over committed? Needing a pick-me-up?  Out of shape?  


What if a cute shirt could give you visual encouragement and mental support you need? Unlike anything in your closet, WEAR LUCK is the apparel line that gives you a positive message with every piece we design. You will feel the difference when you reach for your WEAR LUCK top and know you CAN do anything!


Here is how it works. WEAR LUCK is fun trendy apparel that encourages you to stay positive & achieve your goals. Each design motivates and uplifts you with its lucky colors, motivational messages and symbols. Like pinning a reminder to your shirt (only way cuter!). It’s clothing with a purpose. Each of our lines Wear Yoga, Wear Balance, Wear Luv, Wear Hope, Wear Intent & Wear Fitness is created and designed by an expert in their field.


What’s your Intent?   Mallika Chopra, spokesperson for Wear Intent & daughter of Deepak Chopra, has created a line to remind you to stay mindful of your intent. Your life has a true purpose. Discover it and start living it! 


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Need love & encouragement?  Designer Lin Johnson, with her uber trendy eye, is the trainer of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and has just what you need to be your own cheerleader.  Lin’s line speaks of kindness and compassion.  Each piece has a scripture verse for you on the inside and a positive message on the outside for everyone else to see & feel good about!


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Feeling hopeless & overcommitted?  WEAR LUCK’s tireless Ringleader & creator of Wear Hope knows the feeling.  Michelle Hastings is a successful business owner, wife & mother of three (two with special needs) &, most recently, a cancer survivor!  Her line inspires you build your circle of support. No matter what challenge (medical or other) you are facing, you are not alone.


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How can I lead a healthier lifestyle?  Lissa Coffey, spokesperson for Wear Yoga has the answer.  Lissa is an Author, Lifestyle & Relationship Expert, Media Personality & Ayurvedic Diva. Her unique line of Yoga tops will do the trick.  If you love Yoga, it’s time to dive deeper into your practice and discover how you can integrate more of this ancient philosophy into your life. You will be amazed!


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Feeling stressed and out of balance?  Katie Weber, author of The Red Lotus Letter & Feng Shui expert, reminds us to identify what is causing stress in our lives.  As spokesperson for Wear Balance, Katie’s line reminds us that a balanced life is within reach if you focus on making small steps toward your goal everyday.  Her lucky colors, symbols and messages are so fun to wear!


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Need to get in shape?  Lin’s husband & trainer of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Jay Johnson created Wear Fitness featuring a cute tank top that says “Sweat is Sexy”!  Who wouldn’t be encouraged wearing that!


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We hope you will enjoy every aspect of WEAR LUCK, life’s wearable sticky note!


Meet Our Wear Luck Team!


 Lin Johnson with WEAR LUV  Lissa Coffey with WEAR YOGA  Michelle Hastings with WEAR HOPE  Mallika Chopra with WEAR INTENT  Kathryn Weber with WEAR BALANCE Jay Johnson with WEAR FITNESS 

Lin Johnson


Lissa Coffey


Michelle Hastings


Mallika Chopra


Kathryn Weber


Jay Johnson