FOUND: The Secret to Remembering Your New Year’s Resolution is WEAR LUCK.


Everyone is looking for the secret to remembering our New Year Resolution and Wear Luck Apparel has found it!  Every television talk show you watch the first week of January is searching for the same thing, how to increase the number of people who still remember their Resolutions in March from 8% to 100%!  Wear Luck , an inspiring clothing company, announces a line of trendy shirts with popular New Year’s Resolutions written right on the sleeve.  Women can see their New Year’s goal all day, while driving, cooking, web surfing or texting.

The front of each shirt says, “I Will” and printed on the forearm is any one of the following:

- …text less, talk more

- …use less and recycle more

- …exercise more, eat less, be happier

- …spend less, save more & have more

- …count my blessings, not calories

- …plant a seed and grow a garden

- …make better bad decisions


See more popular resolutions:

“We wanted to create more than just fashionable clothing,” said Wear Luck founder Michelle Hastings.  “We all have our goals and sometimes it just takes a small reminder to help us take one step forward.  Success comes in many forms, small and large, and our mission is to help women lead happier lives, one shirt at a time.”

Wear Luck is a clothing line dedicated to creating unique pieces that influence a positive state of mind in the wearer’s life.  The company offers stylish tops with imprinted messages and symbols to gently remind and motivate the wearer and others around her.  Each piece has been designed and crafted to serve as “clothing with a purpose” – a unique means of finding encouraging through good times and bad.

For more information contact:  Michelle Hastings ( ) or Beth Wickliffe (  501-375-7777