About Wear Intent

After family meditations my father would guide my brother, Gotham & I to repeat the following phrase:


I am responsible for what I see.

I choose the feelings I experience

And set the goals I will achieve

Everything that seems to happen to me,

I ask for and receive as I have asked.


He then taught us to ask for love, hope, purpose, passion, inspiration and so many other positive qualities in our lives every day. Starting every day with intent proved to be an anchoring device that led to connection, happiness and personal fulfillment.


Why share intent? I truly believe in the power of intentions. That's why we created WEAR INTENT as that little reminder to be mindful of your intentions. After all, every action starts with an intention. When I share an intention with others, it makes me feel more accountable for the mission I want to complete. When I know what my intention is AND can state it to others, then I am more likely to make the initiative to make my aspiration come true.


You can turn your intention into tangible action and inspire others to do the same. I am amazed and honored to host dozens of writers on, a thriving community of people sharing their dreams and supporting one another on


So don’t be shy with sharing your intentions! Your intention may resonate with another community member, who may then feel compelled to take action in his or her life. Continue the ripple effect of positive intentions by inviting your friends and family to join this community, too.


So Wear INTENT & be sure to share with us on With intent, there is to limit to what you can achieve!