About Lin Johnson

If you believe the world needs more kindness and compassion, you will love WEAR LUV! As sisters, we all need to build each other up. WEAR LUV is an expression of my passion to encourage women to speak using kind and luving words. I promised myself that I will not end my day without saying something positive to each and every person I encounter. 


Since 2001, my husband Jay and I developed the first Bootcamp Exercise Programs called Jay's Bootcamp. You may have seen us on the CMT Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Try-Outs and also on wife swap. (You can't miss my husband. He's the one in the camo pants barking out exercise regiments, in true military fashion.) As our following grew, we began trainging the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. We watched thousands of people get physically fit, however at the same, time there seemed to be so much more we could do to make them truly fit...


One day, Jay said to me, "You know, Lin, once people are physically fit they feel better about themselves and it is at that point they can truly give of themselves to others."


Okay, now what? He's right, but what am I going to do about this? How can I really, really, really reach people and help them become their own cheerleader?


It's all SO simple! From the beginning of time, we were all put on this earch to do things for each other. Using the first self-help book on the planet, a.k.a. the Bible, I personally select the quotes that we print inside each and every garment. I hope they speak as strongly to you as they do to me.


I hope you luv WEAR LUV! I dare you to wear one of my shirts and not have the urge to smile back at someone who looks your way and share a luving comment or two.